What to consider before building a freight container

What to consider before building a freight container

The newest wood in an environmentally friendly building is a freight container house. These unique houses use new or used cargo containers as their primary building materials. And because these freight containers are cheap and plentiful you can build your own container container at a surprisingly low cost.

But before you choose to design your own home there are a few things to keep in mind. Just because the shelters become very popular with the green building it does not necessarily mean that you should make the step yourself. You must consider your personal needs your financial situation and local building codes before investing in building your own container house.

First you must realize that a freight container home is definitely not a traditional house. It may seem obvious but it is an important factor to consider. Although housing built by cargo containers seems really cool now you can find out that the news goes out after a few years. Every home is a long-term investment so you must be absolutely sure that you are satisfied with your potential living situation before investing thousands of dollars in it. Although the shelters are a smart environmentally friendly choice you can find yourself longing for the comfort of a traditional home after a while. Also consider your space needs before you start building. If you have a large family or just want a lot of bedrooms you may need several freight containers to have your dream home. This requires much more work and customization than home that only uses a cargo container.

Then consider the total cost of building a cargo container at home. Transporting containers is relatively cheap but it takes a lot of time and effort to turn it into a cozy home. You will also need to send the container to your building site which may be more expensive than you think. The foundation work must also be done which can handle additional costs. Before purchasing a freight container for your new home contact a knowledgeable construction contractor who can accurately calculate your total cost. An even better alternative is to work with a company specializing in freight container architecture. They will get an expert opinion about all you need to do and they can even sell you a container to your home and make all the changes you need in advance. By managing a company you can be sure what all your costs will be because you do not need to reconcile quotes from different vendors and entrepreneurs.

And most importantly you must consult local authorities to ensure that your new container house meets all local building codes. Some societies simply will not allow homes built by freight containers. If so you may be unlucky but its much better to find out before you invest money or start building. Check all applicable state and local building codes before purchasing materials or renting contractors. Pay particular attention to building codes related to building housing with steel as this is the most likely restriction found on freight containers. When you belong to your local building office make sure you have a specific house plan in mind before requesting approval. If you just say you want to build a warehouse you can get a quick rejection. However if you prove that you have a specific thoughtful plan for a home you are more likely to convince local authorities that your proposed project should be coded.

These considerations should not discourage you from building a freight container at home. They are cheap efficient and environmentally friendly structures that can make a unique home. But like all major projects its very important to take into account all the nights that may come. By planning ahead you can make sure that your warehouse project is being done correctly.

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